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Thursday, 15 April 2021 15:05

1701+ Base Extender

1701baseThe NVT Phybridge 1701+ Extender Solution is designed to supercharge the downlink ports of a standard Ethernet switch, delivering up to 420Mbps and PoE+ over Coax, single pair UTP or 2 wire infrastructures with reach of up to 8,000ft (2.4km) on RG6. That’s 24X the reach of standard Ethernet switches, thus removing the costs and disruptions associated with multiple IDF location requirements. With the 1701+ Extender Solution, IP IoT devices can be connected to the existing Coax, UTP or 2 wire cabling infrastructure, delivering optimal performance while saving cost, time, and environmental e-waste. Furthermore, the cost savings realized by using the 1701+ Extender Solution can enable system designers to transfer budget and resources towards higher-quality applications and IEEE 802.3at/af compliant IoT devices, including IP-enabled phones, cameras, access control, speakers, and even facilities lighting.

Features Include
1701+ Base (NV-EC1701PLS-BSE)
Paired with 1701+ Link Adapter
Data rate up to 420 Mbps with up to 8,000 ft (2.4km) reach*
Negotiates power with 802.3at/af PoE Switch (802.3at/af max power is 30W)
1701+ Base can also be locally powered for non-PoE switch deployments or high-power delivery (100W)
10/100/1000 Base-T, Auto-MDIX interface with Ethernet Switch
Supports up to 4 endpoints in a point to multi-point topology
LED Indicators (power, link, data)

1701+ Link (NV-EC1701PLS-LK)
When paired with 1701+ Base Extender
Data rate up to 420 Mbps with up to 8,000 ft (2.4km) reach*
Negotiates with 802.3at/af IP endpoint
Can provide up to 25W of power on 2 pairs if 1701+ Link adapter is powered by 1701+ Base extender
If 1701+ Link adapter is locally powered can provide up to 50W of power on 4 pairs, or 25W on 2 pairs
328ft (100m) reach from the adapter to the IP endpoint via CAT5 or better cable
10/100/1000 Base-T, Auto-MDIX interface with IP endpoint
LED Indicators (power, link, data)by NVT PhybridgeTo SwitchTo LRE
*Data rate and power are distance/cable dependant, please see corresponding tables in the datasheet.

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