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envisage ogier scan 360Scan-360 is a low cost, radar based, threat detector with an operational range to detect humans and vehicles up to 200 metres. Designed to remotely operate a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera, Scan-360 provides a perimeter detection system for the cost of little more than a standard PTZ camera. Scan-360 has been designed and built in the UK by Ogier Electronics, a highly regarded electronics engineering company with over 20 years experience in the security industry. Initially launched in 2014 to satisfy the immediate requirements of Europe and the Middle East, the product will be available worldwide by 2017.

On detection of a target, Scan-360 remotely operates a PTZ CCTV camera to slew to point at the target whilst at the same time alerting the operator. Scan-360 then tracks the target until such time as the operator takes control of the camera or until the threat has passed, thereby recording the intrusion for later analysis. Equally at home in a wide range of environmental conditions, Scan-360 has been designed for use over multiple terrains including water, offering advanced warning of intruders in scenarios ranging from desert based solar farms in North Africa and hydroelectric facilities in the mountains of Scotland to marinas and secure harbours on the Mediterranean coast. Scan-360 is the most affordable and effective radar based threat detector available.