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tb9330-eThe outdoor bullet TB9330-E and TB9331-E thermal camera provides a 360x240 or 720x480 resolution. The camera comes with a range of lenses with the 8.8mm (63.4°), 19mm (32°), 35mm (22°), 50mm (15.5° horizontal) horizontal fields of view. A lens with a shorter focal length can cover a wide field of view, while a lens with a longer focal length can be used for targets at a greater distance. The camera enables easy detection of human activities regardless of lighting conditions, whether in pitch dark or extremely bright environments. Compared to optical lens cameras, thermal cameras allow easier detection of people in a wide surveillance area. When an optical camera’s field of view is obscured by mist or smoke, it is often very difficult for users to discern the presence of humans. The thermal imaging of the TB series cameras allows you to detect targets by seeing through light snow, dust, smoke, fog, or haze. Coming in a weather proof housing with PoE power supply, the camera is suitable for video surveillances a perimeter protection. The capability of unobstrusive motion detection in total darkness enables the camera for very early detection of an intruder. For thermal cameras, false alarms no longer occur due to the effects of elements, such as swaying vegetation, effects of artificial interferences such as fast light changes or backlights. Humans wearing camuflage, hiding in a bush or deep shadows are all likely to be detected by thermal cameras, while the optical lens cameras cannot.

Key Features:
Uncooled VOx Infrared Detector
384x256 Resolution
NETD < 50 mk @ F1.0
H.265 Compression Technology
Trend Micro IoT Security
Two-way Audio
Supports ONVIF Standard to Simplify Integration and Enhance Interoperability
UL Certification
Weather-proof IP66/IP67, Vandal-proof IK10 and NEMA 4X-rated Housing
VIVOTEK VCA (Video Content Analysis) Support


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